This Code of Ethics (hereinafter "the Code") aims to establish the principles and values ​​ with which the Remeco Group operates, and can be considered as a guide for its agents, employees, directors and members of the Board of Directors of the company in all their professional relationships.

This Code does not cover every eventuality or possible situation that may occur, however, it does encompass the principles that must inspire the behaviour of every person working in our organization at all times.

This Code will govern all contractual, commercial and business relations of the Remeco Group with its suppliers and / or customers.

(NB: The Code of Ethics that appears on this website is the abbreviated version. The full version can be requested by contacting Remeco´s independent Compliance Officer at

Scope of application

This Code applies to all members of Remeco S.A. and Nutife (hereinafter "Remeco Group"), which includes its agents, employees, directors and members of the Board of Directors.

Principles and values

The Remeco Group fully supports and is committed to the various Codes of Ethics of the health technology sector, including the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice, and the Codes of Good Practices of FENIN (Spain) and of APORMED (Portugal).

The Code of Ethics

Legal and regulatory compliance

The Remeco Group is fully committed to the strict compliance of the prevailing laws and regulations

Conflict of Interests

Se considerará conflicto de interés toda situación en la que entre (o pudiera entrar) en colisión, de forma directa o indirecta, el interés de la Sociedad, por un lado, y el interés personal de la persona sujeta al cumplimiento de este Código, por otro lado. Los agentes, empleados o directores deben divulgar dichos incidentes por escrito a la compañía.

Confidentiality and confidential information

The disclosure of any information which an employee or Director of the Remeco Group has access to in the course of their duties to sources outside the company is strictly prohibited, without exception.

Privileged information and integrity, responsibility & transparency of financial information.

All information of the Remeco Group must be recorded and reported in a precise, diligent and accurate manner in line with the prevailing regulations, in order to ensure the correct accounting of all assets, activities and responsibilities of the Company.

Equality and non-discrimination

The Remeco Group promotes equal opportunities in everything related to access to employment, working conditions, training, and the development of its professionals.

Health & safety at work and protection of the environment

Within its labour, business and professional relations, the Remeco Group is committed to the protection, and health & safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. We are committed to compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the prevention of occupational risks, health protection and safety at work.

Drugs and alcohol.

It is strictly forbidden to possess, distribute or consume any type of illegal drug during work hours. In addition, alcohol consumption during work hours is not allowed, except moderately at celebrations, meals and other situations typical of the culture or local customs, and as long as it does not affect in any way the performance of tasks related to an employee´s role.

Tools and resources for the development of professional activities

The Remeco Group makes available to all its employees and Directors the tools and resources necessary and appropriate for the development of their professional activities.

Commercial relations and with the competition.

All stakeholders (agents, employees, Directors, customers, suppliers, third party organizations, institutions, etc.) are key to the reputation and profitability of the Remeco Group. As such, all relations with stakeholders must be frank, honest, loyal, respectful and ethical.

External communication

All communications with external media will be conducted exclusively by those employees and departments authorized to do so.

Email, Internet and telephony.

Any and all communications and information transmitted, received, created and / or hosted on computer hardware, software or the telecoms systems of the Remeco Group is the property of the Company. The Remeco Group will implement all necessary measures aimed at the prevention of damage to its computer systems through hacking or virus attacks.

Privacy and data protection.

The Remeco Group scrupulously complies with all prevailing legislation relating to data protection and privacy of the stakeholders of the Company.

Fraudulent practices and deceptive promises.

In its relations with external interest groups, no false promises or false proposals manifestly contrary to good faith and involving the intent or commission of any practice of corruption, bribery, fraud or any other behaviour defined as a crime under law, will be made.

Openness of communication and Channel of Complaints.

The Remeco Group is committed to fostering a work environment in which employees feel free to communicate openly any situation or complaint that they consider important to the Company.

Any stakeholder of the Remeco Group who has well-founded suspicions relating to the existence of practices contrary to the principles and values ​​of this Code or of the law, must inform the Company through the "Whistleblower Channel".

Gifts, payment of illegal commissions, donations and illegal benefits.

It is prohibited for any employee or Director to offer, accept or solicit gifts or improper payments in relation to any client, supplier, public authority or public official (national or international), outside of the current law, regulations or customs.

Management of violations of the Code of Ethics.

This Code of Ethics will govern any type of relationship, contractual or otherwise, of the Remeco Group with all its stakeholders, be they agents, employees, customers or suppliers.

To report a possible breach of this code, or express a concern regarding regulatory compliance, please send an email to the Remeco Group´s independent Compliance Officer, Mark West, at: All complaints made will be examined and investigated in the strictest confidence.