Fernando Vázquez


In the early 70s, Fernando Vazquez, the founder of Remeco, began his career as an agent for 3M and BD. Slowly but surely, his hard work set the foundation for what has since become the corporate culture of Remeco group, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, without losing focus on the fact that everything we do is designed to improve the health of real people.


During the 80s, Remeco made great strides in the field of cardiology working with companies such as Medtronic, for whom we were distributors until 1986. 1987 marked the milestone for what Remeco is today when we began to work in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma with specialist suppliers such as Zimmer, with whom we very quickly achieved market leadership in Galicia.

Años 9090s

In 1996, Remeco expanded its activities with the creation of a new company, GSA GALLEGA, a joint venture with the supplier Rusch (now Teleflex), which has a particular focus on anaesthesia and urology products.

In 1997, Tequir was founded as an importer and distributor of medical devices on a national level, which provided Remeco with products that complemented our existing portfolio. Since 2003 Tequir has specialised in R&D and innovation of medical devices, and today holds several patents. In addition, it recently successfully completed a clinical trial that has culminated in the bringing to market of its first product as a manufacturer in 2014.


In 2013 Remeco reached an important milestone with the signing of an agreement with the company Stryker, whereby Remeco becomes their Authorized Agent for Galicia and Portugal. As a result, in March 2013 Remeco established Sky Medical in Agualva-Cacém, Portugal. Agualva-Cacém (Portugal) en marzo de 2013.